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This football match is held every year on Ash Wednesday in Eschborn in Derbyshire, England. The game is traditionally carried out with 12 centuries, although, unfortunately, all the records about its origins were lost during the great fire in the city.

The game takes place two days - from 14:00 to 22:00. If you hit the ball until 17:00, given the new ball and the game starts anew from the city center. Otherwise, the game could continue all day.

Typically, the ball is rarely hit, although it is not against the rules. The ball can be beaten hands, feet, bear. But usually he just rolls over the crowd of several hundreds of human hands.

Two competing teams - Upper and Lower. Upper consists of residents of the northern part of the city, the lower - from the south. Gates are located at a distance of 4 km from each other: one - on Startson Mill (for upper), others - on the Clifton Mill (for lower).
Typically, blocking the goal is chosen not just random people. Often, it is representative of the kind of deserved the city or the well-known people in society. Tourist goalscoring chances are almost zero, although to participate in a match that nobody will forbid. The game ends after each goal.

Number of players is not limited, as the area of playing field (except for the places specified in the rules). Therefore, at the time of the game shop windows spikes, and is not recommended to leave their cars on the streets.

The game has received the title "Royal" after the then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) has decided to participate in it in 1928. In the end, he broke his nos

The game uses a special ball, much more than a standard football. He did not sink in water and hand-painted by local artists especially for the occasion. When scores, on the ball write the name of who scored it, and give him.
Since 1981, locals began to "Board of Honor", which recorded the names of those who scored the goal and the score of each game

The game just 5 rules: 1) the killing and cruelty during the game is strictly prohibited and 2) the ball can not be transported in a vehicle, and 3) the ball can not be hidden in a bag, coat, backpack, etc. 4) you can not play in cemeteries , churches and places of memory, 5) play after 22:00 is prohibited.
One theory of origin of the game is as follows: on the penalty is always going to a huge crowd of spectators. Following the execution of another criminal or an atheist's head thrown at the mercy of the crowd. Some historians believe that this tradition and gave rise to this game.
Before the game the whole crowd singing in unison a hymn of the match and, of course, "God Save the Queen".
Injuries during the match - something common, though sometimes it may end badly, so that the game did not take part, women and children.

The game attracts a huge number of spectators and reporters from around the world. This game also exists in Scotland, where it is called "ba".

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