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The Art and Power of Mystique - for Seductresses

The Art and Power of Mystique
– For Seductresses

The Art and Power of Mystique - for Seductresses,' a concise course for women - with Worksheets - exclusive to 'The Seductive Woman.'

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” - Albert Einstein"

If you do not declare yourself immediately, you arouse expectation.... Mix a little mystery with everything, and the very mystery stirs up veneration. And when you explain, be not too explicit.... In this manner you imitate the Divine way when you cause men to wonder and watch." Baltasar Gracian, 1601-1658

This is the only course of its kind that will teach you everything you need to know on how to cultivate feminine mystique and on how to be mysterious in a relationship. This is one of the 'Ars Amatoria' weapons of the courtesans, the geisha and the great seductresses of history!

Play-writers and, essayists from the past had a rather complimentary attitude towards mysterious women. To these men, every woman was supposed to be 'playing a part behind a mask,' and they were always investigating woman as an enchanting and unfathomable mystery.

There was also an extravagantly complimentary view taken by the troubadours and poets, that was based upon the notion that woman was a fascinating and unexplainable being.

Men adore mysterious women and their mysterious ways- because feminine mystique always excites and enchants them!

It's a well known fact that the more of an 'open book' you are - the less alluring and captivating you appear to the opposite sex.

When women started to adopt the idea of being a mysterious woman is uncertain. However, it still has a very practical and profound bearing on life today, as well as on the women in it!

In a world growing increasingly familiar, what seems mysterious and enigmatic will instantly draw attention. Especially when it comes to today's dating/relationship arena.

Many men tend to rate the average woman in the same categories, little self-control, easy to get, not enough of a challenge, boring.... So anything a woman can do to build suspense, and distance herself from this group of predictable women stands to get her noticed.

Her mysterious and enigmatic air, as well as her 'distance' can’t be quickly and easily explained.....'

This course will show you how to be a mysterious woman - and to really keep a man really guessing, intrigued and on his toes.

Increasing the mystery = an increase in a man's passion!

A woman who has an illusive and mysterious air around her attracts men to her like bees to honey.

Men have LOVED - and will always love - mysterious women!

You can learn the exact elements of feminine mystique, and how to strike the right balance - in portraying ambiguity and mysteriousness. And, you will have one of the weapons of the most alluring women throughout history - the seductresses.

Note; this is the ONLY place where you can purchase this concise course with worksheets (this course is also copyrighted exclusively by me.)

Look at the benefits you'll receive when you gain access to 'Art and Power of Mystique - for Seductresses;'

• Get an edge over the female competition – no matter what you look like - with a "little known" secret of the seductresses, courtesans and geisha

• Learn a seduction skill that 99% of women have no idea about - and are missing out on the benefits it gives

• Become the ultimate fantasy woman

• Make a man become obsessed over you (in a good way!)

• Dramatically increase your “market value” as a seductress

• Make a man think about you all of the time

• KEEP a man’s interest and desire

• Master the art of being a woman

• Take back your feminine power in relationships

• Stop making those relationship mistakes that have cost you dearly

• Make a man even more attracted to you

And so much more!

Only $7.95 (on SALE for a limited time only, usually $14.95!)

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The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette

The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette

Hello dove! The psychological seduction secrets exposed in this course are like a magic formula, and the best 'play hard to get' method on the web!
If you're truly serious about reaching your full potential as a feminine seductress, and about making a man passionately desire you and want you above all else - study the seduction secrets of a coquette (a seduction archetype.)

It will surely become one of your most lucrative skills! The lessons in this course are a literal life changer for the seductress-in-training - they are THAT powerful!

Now, here's a vital fact to consider;

"The instinct of a man is to pursue everything that flies from him, and to fly from all that pursue him" - Voltaire

After years of intense study of the 'Ars Amatoria' - the art of seduction - and of the many intricate dynamics of male/female relationships, I understand a man’s great need for games - as well as for chasing!

Men really adore the chase (whether they admit it or not) and pursuing a woman on a labyrinth path. Men subconsciously prefer a woman who's a challenge to men - who's hard to get.

This is a primordial, ever-lasting desire, stimulated by ancient tribal exigencies.
You can see that this desire is still widespread today. You can also see its close resemblance to the most basic method of courtship among animals.

We have to recognize that we're in the presence of a very real subconscious psychological impulse….

To want what we can't have! Which doesn't ever fail in its exercise to introduce the essential elements of pain and doubt - which naturally transforms a desire into an ardent and passionate one!

A coquette already knows;
When it comes to a man, to woo and chase what other men want and find desirable, is the very Law of His Being.

A woman should not (even for a moment,) dare to exhibit too great an eagerness to obey that law. For, a real captivator of men knows instinctively that an easy victory produces a fickle victor! Even if a woman feels in her heart a fiery passion for a man, she must hold that passion in with a leash of exemplary patience.

Elise Sutton tells us that the female sex can have power over men and it’s within a woman to release this power.

If women will only release this dominant feminine power that's within them!

Let's take a look at some of the benefits you'll receive when you get access to 'The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette;'

• Get a HUGE edge over the female competition – no matter what you look like- with the "little known" secrets of the seductresses, courtesans and geisha

• Stir up a man's desire for you and make him "jump through hoops" to please you

• Become the women that all the guys want and COMPETE for

• Make a man appreciate and respect you so much more

• Dramatically increase your “market value” on the marriage market

• Easily increase your man’s desire for you – to a feverish pitch

• Undo the relationship mistakes you’ve made in the past

• Like a real seductress, master the art of being a TRUE coquette

• Make dating so much more fun

• Play hard to get - the RIGHT way
- and the only way
And so much more!

Only $9.95 (on SALE for a limited time only, usually $29.95!)
I invite you to study 'The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette,' once you purchase access to this course, I'll send you an invitation to 'The Seductress Lair.

Testimonies and Reviews

Testimonies and Reviews

I have three payment options; credit card, paypal and direct bank deposit. If you'd prefer to
pay by bank deposit, please email me at godsprincess318(delete this space)

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` mOdel & singer cheryl tweedy `

Cheryl Cole, the pop star and talent show judge, has admitted that one of the most treasured elements of her beauty regime is a £3 tub of moisturiser.
Cole, whose increased her public profile by joining the ITV talent show X Factor in 2008, told a beauty magazine: "My skin can get very dry so I use E45 moisturiser.
A 125g tub of the products costs around £3.50. The company which manufactures E45 is Reckitts Benckiser.

` pretty sOuth actress tashu kaushik `

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

` stunning beaUty aishwarya rai `

` the great indiAn banyan tree `

The Great Banyan is a banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) located in Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah, near Kolkata, India. It was the widest tree in the world in terms of the area of the canopy and is estimated to be about 200 to 250 years old. It became diseased after it was struck by lightning, so in 1925 the middle of the tree was excised to keep the remainder healthy; this has left it as a clonal colony, rather than a single tree. A 330 m long road was built around its circumference, but the tree continues to spread beyond it

Source :

Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts - Questions & Answers

Will others in this course know my real name and identity? Will I be incognito on this site?

No one will see you online or know who you are. You can sign in the site with a screen name. Your real name or log-in will never be visible on the site.

Can I cancel the monthly subscription?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription anytime. However, there’s no refund if you do.

Is it a lot of material to read and digest? Or is it a systematic step by step type of deal with lessons, rules, and solutions on how to handle situations?

This school is just like a blog really, that's updated once or twice a week with lessons on a particular subject. The whole curriculum, is gradually revealed - not given all at once.

A realistic time frame for learning and assimilating the materials in this course, as well as putting them into practice, can only be defined by you. Some women could do it in 6 months, other 2 years or longer.

Will there be feedback during this course?

No, this course is about personal study, in which case you study the modules at your own leisure. You should also read any books I recommend. Therefore, one of the main objectives of this course is just absorbing the materials in your own free time, and perfecting the techniques on the one you want!

Are there any age restrictions for this course? What age is best to start learning the art of seduction and the feminine arts?

Due to some adult content on this course, it’s only suitable for those students 18 yrs and older. The material is designed for adults. Fortunately, it’s never too late to master the feminine arts or start developing your abilities.

I really want to join this course, but I have financial problems. Is it possible to get free tuition?

For issues related to the course fees, there are other things you can do to ‘earn’ your fees. Contact me at godsprincess318(delete this space) to find out how.

I really want to learn from you, but don’t feel I would have the time to study!

Where there’s a will there’s a way…. and a thousand excuses! Good time management will definitely solve that problem.

Whose advice could help me in deciding to study at the Feminissima – School of Feminine Arts?

Help can only come from the loyal readers of my sites, and on my facebook group, many who I've personally have helped. Don’t forget, successful women always make up their own minds. They don’t follow the crowd and listen to the beat of their own drum!

If I join your school, how quickly will it take for me to improve my personal life, and solve any relationship problems I may have?

The tools on Feminissima aren’t a magic wand. Everything is up to you and nobody can do the work for you. It really depends how committed you are. And in order to change your life you’ll need to get off the couch and get to it.

That being said, you should notice changes within yourself right away!

My boyfriend dumped me. I now have one goal - to get him back. If I start your course, could I reach this goal?

Definitely! It works for getting straying husbands back too.

What guarantees do you have after graduating this course, that I'll have a man who adores me and be blissfully married?

Imagine that you came to a gymnasium and asked; "What's your guarantee that I'll become a master gymnast?" Well, if you use all your will-power and forces, you can probably reach this level of 'Ars Amatoria.'

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

` beautiful actress poOnam kaur `

Beautiful actress Poonam Kaur who appeared in the recent release ‘Payanam’ has changed her name after consulting numerologists and astrologers. She changed her name to Nakshatra and after changing her name she has bagged the film under Prabhu deva’s direction opposite Vishal.

` mOdel gisele at carnival parade `

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen performed on the Vila Isabel Samba School float during carnival celebrations at Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro recently.



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